SilArt Design is a team of young graphic designers. Our members have more than 15 years of experience in their field. Our strengths are different and across industries we have combined our knowledge to create even better, better things together. Each of us represents a different perspective, but that is why we complement each other.
Our services:
Corporate identity design: A logo should suggest uniqueness, quality and reliability to its customers. A complete image is successful if it is easy to remember and versatile in everyday life. In addition, it should reflect the mentality of the company and its message.
UX / UI: A website should not only be beautiful, it should be easy to use. From the very first steps beyond aesthetics, it is important to consider and evaluate how and when future users will use the site. A well-built website can bring in a lot of new customers and stay much more viable than a thoughtless website.
Graphic Design: An impressive graphic stands out from the crowd. When designing, we always try to create something unique and new, whether it is a poster or a complete exhibition stand. Our team not only reinvent themselves in the online world, but they also know the old proven principles of printing technology.

Project Management: Our clients, without exception, prefer to be able to communicate with a dedicated contact in everything they are expected to do. We understand this, of course, and feel it is fundamental, so the process is much more efficient and accountable. Any member of our team has the basically required customer management capabilities, both in communication and expertise, but even in project knowledge.

»Development (PHP, MySQL, RestAPI, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Angle, Bootstrap, SCSS, WebGL)
»Banner design, production
»3D visualization
»Illustration design and animation

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